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Community Service

At the heart of everything I do is the desire to bring honor to God and let my life be a blessing to others. 


Community service work includes:


*Hoop For Hope Charity Basketball Game and Food Drive - Michigan State University

*Expansum Park Clean Up Events

*Detroit Rescue Mission

*Charity Kickball Games

*Couples Ministry to support Healthy Relationships and Families

Testimonials and Words of Encouragement

* Henrí, Beak a leg tonight! I'm so thrilled you are in this show. It has been a complete joy to work with      you as we created this piece. Thank you for your hard work and professional mentorship for our students!  Rock it out tonight! 



* Thanks for being so funny~Tinesha Allen

*My goal in life is to have your talent. You're amazing and I have so loved working with you ~ Greg

*I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for all your amazing guidance. I look forward to working with you  again! ~ Claire

*I love you like  a fat kid loves cake! ~ Patrick

* Thanks for the push you gave me ~ Freddie

* Thanks so much for making me a better actor ~ Kendra

* Thanks for Everything ! You're the best! ~ Selwin

* Thank you oh so much! ~ Nija

* Thank you for making my first play enjoyable. I have a whole new family because of you! ~ Jessica

* Henri, Thank you so very much for making yourself available for this event! I truly respect your hustle  and admire your professionalism, uncompromising faith and leadership. Thanks again and keep doing  what your do! ~Ben Will

*This (Miss Julie) was my absolute favorite and I couldn't have had a better partner! Love you dude!

 ~ Joy

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